I am a Peruvian figurative sculptor currently based in Florence, Italy. From a very early age, I’ve had an innate desire to create and make things. As a child, I always disassembled and reassembled my toys with the intention to alter their original form, making them truly my own. While I always possessed this strong desire to create, circumstances did not always allow me to pursue these dreams. I ended up studying administration and working in a financial institution for five years – I simply had no other option. And although I took it very seriously with a strong work ethic, this job was a way for me to save money to enable me to study art. I began my studies in Peru for two years in the national art school. My time there inspired me to travel to Europe to seek out a more dedicated classical figurative art program.

I chose sculpture because I felt that I could manipulate clay in order to merge my early training in Peru with that of the more classical European tradition. It is my goal to blend these techniques and sensibilities in order to create a more modern view of this tradition and to share aspects of my home country of Peru.

I also have the desire to, like my teachers here, inspire others to follow along the similar path established by the Old Masters and continue to revive this love of classical art. I have recently begun organizing sculpture workshops on the weekends for students of all skill levels who are interested in art. I ultimately want to take this knowledge back with me to Peru and share it with younger generations, giving them the ability to express their ideas through the creation of sculpture.


Octavio Palomino is a figurative sculptor based in Florence, Italy. He trained in sculpture at the National Autonomous Superior School of Fine Arts of Perú (2014-16) and graduate from The Florence Academy of Art (2016-19), where he was awarded a Work-Study scholarship in his final year, year in which one of his sculpture “Distanza” is selected to take part of the exhibition and the catalog of Figurativas 2019. Octavio has led sculpture workshops at the Chancay Municipal Museum, Perú and in 2018 he founded the Hasta Perro Studio in Florence focusing at animal sculpture and, at the same time, private workshops of classical art such as Octavio Palomino Studio, where he continues to teach sculpture.


April 2018 – Currently

Sculpture workshop teacher: Hasta Perro Studio/OctavioPalomino Studio (Florence)

January 2016 – May 2016

Sculpture workshop teacher: Chancay municipal museum (Perú)

October 2014 – December 2014

Administrative assistant of the visual research center: national autonomous superior school of fine arts of Perú – ENSABAP


October 2016 – Currently

The Florence Academy of Art, Italy.

Specialty in classical sculpture

2014 – 2016

National Autonomous Superior School of Fine Arts of Peru – ENSABAP.

Plastic Artist – sculptor

2001 – 2006

National University of Callao (Perú)

Business Administration